Moving can be stressful, but only if you are unprepared come moving day.  By following these tips, your moving day will go MUCH smoother!
  • Cardboard boxes can be your friend or your worst enemy. Make sure all boxes are taped properly – you don’t want anything to bust open mid move!
  • Cardboard boxes when improperly stacked or when stacking irregular shaped banana boxes, or left over random boxes can be a nightmare; during the move they will shift, be crushed, fall and ultimately cause you heartache. While a set of uniformed sized boxes may be another expense, they can make your life easier. Plus, the less space your move takes up, and the quicker the move, the more you save!
  • When stacking plates (china) stack them vertically, don’t stack them like they are in your cupboard they will break from vibrations and bumps in the road.
  • Don’t pack in things you will need first on arrival to your new home ie. Don’t pack in the internet or wireless boxes in first while the installation guy waits there for an hour while you unpack.
  • If you are not moving your own home, make sure to book your mover (hopefully us!) a month before, especially if its in the high moving season (June 1st to Sept 1st).
  • Prior to your move call our junk removal specialists to remove any unwanted furniture or items you don’t need anymore.
  • If you’re staging your home and need to remove items, of if you’ve got a staggered move where you move into your new location days, weeks or months after the move out, we can provide storage in one of our moving pods.  This effectively holds your items in a mid-move state, meaning there’s no need to unpack at the storage location, then repack it back into another truck when you’re ready to complete the move. This can significantly reduce your storage/moving fees.
  • Disconnect all your services and call in your final meter readings on hydro or gas prior to your moving day.
  • Fridges must be defrosted and unplugged 24 hours prior to the moving day.  If its not, the water will leak into the truck and your contents will get wet.

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