Guide to Hiring a Moving Company

  • Does your moving company have documented insurance information available?  If they’re unwilling (or unable) to quickly prove their insurance, they may not have any. This puts your valuables at risk.
  • Do the movers charge for travel time?  They should, or they will try and make it up on the job by rushing and risking damaging your property.
  • Do the movers you are hiring offer packing services? Even if you don’t need the service, it demonstrates a level of professionalism that can transfer to other areas of the move. Plans also change and you may find yourself needing the service at the last minute.
  • Does the moving company you are looking at have a cancellation or deposit policy? Companies that don’t ask for deposits don’t care about their schedules. A deposit is a way of assuring a two way commitment.
  • Will you have to manage junk removal yourself after the move-out is complete? Or can the moving company take care of that?
  • Does the moving company offer storage services? It’s often cheaper to have the moving company store your items than move everything to a storage unit, unpack, then repack and move to your final location.

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